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Dealhackr is a simple mobile app for sales hustlers who need
to close more deals, faster while traveling. BTW - It's free.

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Congratulations - you are about to experience improved sales productivity especially when traveling
1.Login with your salesforce.com credentials
2.Click Sync Contacts
3.Choose a ringtone for Sales Calls
4.That's it! Click "Listen for incoming calls"

What happens next?
from now on, every incoming call will be matched with your salesforce.com contacts
in case of a match, dealhackr will display contact information, picture and deal information
Why should you install?
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    Get critical information - dealhackr plays a special ringtone, and displays relevant deal and contact information on the screen before you answer the call
  • Icon No2
    Review important notes - dealhackr records your call on-demand and provides real-time transcription service for free using Google Voice. A full call trascription is automatically delivered via e-mail
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